Kalimaz Carbonic Natural Micro-Lot

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Guji, Ethiopia - Kalimaz Project

Steve Holt, Ashenafi Argaw

Project Summary:

Mature cherries are placed inside stainless steel containers along with clean water. We inject carbon dioxide into the tank to slow down the breakdown of sugars from the mucilage dramatically at temperatures below 10-12°C. Coffees are held in the carbonic state for 120 hours then brought to traditional Ethiopian drying beds, one layer thick for the first 48 hours, then 2-3 layers with hand stirring every few hours in shade-stable drying for the first 5 days.  This creates even drying for consistency. The total drying target time is 36-40 days.

Notes of watermelon, cheery, nectarine, milk chocolate, peaches, gesha-like,and a full creamy body. Stunning!