Craig Simon Hybrid Process Micro-Lot

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Sidama, Ethiopia - Betibiroti Project

Craig Simon, Steve Holt, Ashenafi Argaw

Project Summary:
In 2023, Steve Holt re-collaborated with Craig Simon from Australia who had an idea back in 2013 on a farm in Panama to tease coffee fruit into the seed for a short amount of time after picking, then flip the script to a hybrid washed profile. This process involved a day in cherry, pulped into a black container shaped like a small pond and placing a semi-transparent corrugated roofing material over it for various lengths of time, a 
quick rinse, then dried on a flat table in a greenhouse-style drying room with fan ventilation. Craig went on to use it for his WBC routine and took 4th while that same coffee took 1st in the WBrC competition. Outside of what it did for competition, we truly enjoyed this taste profile and it was fun to create. Last year, we attempted to recreate this same process but in Ethiopia. We had Craig on a video call and got to virtually collaborate with him a decade later. Same process, really rough materials, just in a different environment with different coffee varieties.

Notes of honey, cherry, cocoa butter, and orange blossom truly highlight this taste profile due to this hybrid process.